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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finally Fine

I've been having a little trouble moving around the last two days because a coworker and I decided to join a Zumba toning class:

I've been slacking off on my exercise routing for the last few months, but then I had a pleasant surprise: I had stellar routine check-up with my primary care physician.  So much so, he called me a "model patient."  Wait, what?  Moi?  So the guilt hit me right away--if the lifestyle changes I made six months ago improved all of my numbers despite slacking off towards the end, then maybe I should step it up a notch.  Hence, the Zumba class. 

First week was a blast.  It's kinda cool to bond with a coworker in a non-work setting like that, and it was genuinely fun.  Today has been the first day that I can move my legs without pain, though.  Our instructor Sol kicked our butts, but we will definitely be coming back for more! 

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