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Saturday, March 28, 2015

2015 BOM: Part 3

Whew!  I barely made this post in time for March, but here it is: March's Block of the Month!

As you know, I've been following along with the Lakeland Modern Quilt Guild's BOM program.  If you're from around here, check us out!  We'd love to have you.

Well, as usual, I made a "practice" block from my scrap treasure chest for donation to the guild.  The block was a bit more time consuming than I expected, although very simple.  It's simply a collection of strips pieced together.  Here's my first go before piecing:

And after, but before trimming to size:

And after trimming, though not quite square.  I figured when the guild is ready to use it, we can true it up then.

A lot of time elapsed between the first block and the second.  Enough time for me to pick up this nifty gadget from Inspire! Quilting and Sewing in Plant City:

OMG--the Stripology ruler is my new favorite tool.  I usually have issues cutting straight strips, but this ruler is just the thing!  It really cut down (hehe) the time it took to make my second block.

Now I know you wanna see all three of my personal blocks side by side, don't you?

This is turning out to be a lot of fun!  Until next time, God Bless.

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