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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Magazine Review!

I just picked up this treasure on my magazine hunt:

I really don't enjoy watching movies, but my husband really wanted to see the new X-Men movie in theatres, so I got him to bribe me with a new magazine.  So off to Books-A-Million we went.  I was a bit dismayed to see how cute the mags printed in the UK were, but I found one super-awesome publication printed in the good ol' USA: fresh quilts. 

Oh, how I love this magazine!!  As an added bonus: this is the premiere (AKA very first) issue!  This is the magazine I have been looking for.  I know there are other well-respected, long-established quilting magazines out there, but they really seem geared toward an older generation (or at least people who have an older generation's taste).   I want to make just about every project in the issue--and get this: they're not all quilts!  I love that there are other sewing (and even one no-sew) projects that are cute and functional, too.  I'm sure I'll be posting some projects inspired by this mag in the very near future. 

I hope this magazine takes off, because as soon as they offer a subscription, I'm signing up.  In the meantime, I'll just be on the lookout for their next issue that comes out in July. 

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