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Monday, July 14, 2014

Clips and Clicks

First off, a product plug.  No, I haven't been compensated by the company in any way, shape or form--I just want to tell you how much I'm enjoying this find:

Wonder clips by Clover.  I found these beauties at Hancock Fabric.  They basically replace the need for using pins along seams.  I love them!  I'm sure you'll see them in my photos from here on out.  They were a little pricey, though--I used a 40% coupon on them, but they still cost me around $20 for a box of 50.  I love them so much, the larger, green ones are already on my Amazon wish list. 

Now for the clicks:  I have really been slacking on my book reviews lately.  I listen to audiobooks while I craft and while I drive, so I've been flying through them as of late.  I also had the opportunity to actually read a few books recently, with my hubby out of town for his brohan's wedding.  Rather than try to expound upon the last few weeks of reading, I will simply link to my Goodreads reviews of these titles:

Whew!  That's quite a few, doncha think?  Well, that'll teach me to keep up!  Until next time...

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