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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Before we begin, a disclaimer: this is the second time I've written this review.  The first was very kind, and now I'm frustrated with the internet for not saving it the first time. 

All that said, I've just finished the 3rd book in the Forest of Hands and Teeth Series, The Dark and Hollow Places, by Carrie Ryan. 

I'm surprised with how much I've enjoyed this series.  So much so, I hesitate to call it a trilogy because I want more.  Sure, it followed your typical YA formula: a teenaged protagonist who is caught up in some sort of love triangle but is unable to commit/choose because of the outside circumstances.  In this case, the outside circumstance is surviving a post-zombie apocalypse world (which makes it cooler). 

Each book was narrated from a different character's point of view.  Just when you thought you had a favorite character, you start liking the "new" character just as much, if not more than the last. 

Ultimately, I don't mind that it turned out to be your typical YA novel, because it's a story that just doesn't get old, you know?  Thanks, Mrs. Ryan, for hours of entertainment. 

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